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Questions and Answers about The Golf Club and Golf Club Membership

Q. Is this a virtual Golf Club where certain golf courses would not allow The Golf Club's members to play at affiliated rates?
A. No, The Golf Club is merely a marketing company selling membership on behalf of various clubs in South Africa. We have negotiated really good rates with these clubs due to the volume of members that we bring them
Q. What immediate benefits would I receive from joining The Golf Club?
A. Firstly, you receive an official handicap from the South African Golf Association. Secondly, with your Srixon NGN affiliation card, you qualify to play at affiliated rates.
Q. How long after registration do I receive my Golf Membership Card?
A. Within 2 - 3 days of you signing up, you may contact the relevant golf club for written confirmation of your membership. You can present this letter at golf clubs proving your membership to benefit from affiliated green fees. Your Srixon NGN handicap card should arrive within 4 weeks of you joining.
Q. Do I get an official handicap with The Golf Club?
A. With your membership you automatically qualify for an official handicap from the South African Golf Association.
Q. How long is my Golf Membership valid for?
A. The Golf Club's membership is valid for a full year from date of paying your annual fees, not a calendar year.

The Golf Club; Golf Club Membership - Affordable Golf Club Membership in South Africa and Affiliation to the South African Golf Assosiation
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