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Golfing Terminology brought to you by The Golf Club

Golfing Terminology starting with "W"

Water Hazard: A water-based impediment, a pond, lake, river, ditch, or drainage ditch, whether natural or manmade, which presents an obstacle to the player’s advance. Your ball can be in a water hazard without technically lying in the water itself. “Lateral water hazards” are demarcated by red stakes or redlines, and regular water hazards by yellow stakes or lines. If you can determine within a reasonable doubt that your ball has fallen into a water hazard (not lost in the rough or surrounding trees) you have the following options
Waggle: A motion or several motions designed to keep a player relaxed at address and help establish a smooth pace in the takeaway and swing.
Weak Grip: A term describing a grip where the hands are turned to the left for a right-handed player.
Wedge: A club with a high loft, used for sand, chip, or pitch shots.
Whiff: an attempt to strike the ball which results in the player failing to make contact with the ball.
Whipping: The black, thread-like covering applied around the neck of a "wooden" wood to prevent the neck from splitting during play.
Wind: Air movements that can affect the path of your ball, temperature, and comfort.
Woods: The large-headed clubs used for long-distance shots.


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