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Golfing Terminology brought to you by The Golf Club

Golfing Terminology starting with "T"

Takeaway: The start of the backswing.
: a ball that has come to rest very close to the hole, leaving only a very short putt to be played. Often recreational golfers will "concede" tap-ins to each other to save time.
Tee (part of the course): the specially prepared area, usually grass, from which the first stroke for each hole is made
Tee (piece of equipment): a small peg - made of wood or plastic - placed in the teeing ground, upon which the golf ball may be placed prior to the first stroke on a hole.
Tee Box: The part of the tee forming a rectangle in the center of the tee, two club-lengths inside and back from the markers for each respective distance. The ball must be teed up within this box and not past the markers, but a player may stand outside it. Also known as the teeing ground.
Tempo: the pacing of a player's swing. Ideally, the swing should be like a metronome, with the same amount of time being used for the downswing and follow-through as was used for the backswing. Also known as the "rhythm" of the swing. Ernie Els's tempo is the envy of many professionals.
Tending the Flag: When a player holds and removes the flagstick for another player.
Texas wedge: A shot played from off the green with a putter.
Thin shot: a poor shot where the clubhead strikes too high up on the ball, resulting in a shallow flight path. Also known as "skulling" or "blading" the ball.
Three-Quarter Shot: A shot played with a shortened backswing and lessened arm speed.
Tier: A rise or level in a green or tee.
Timing: The sequence of motions within the golf swing.
Toe: The part of the club head furthest from the shaft, and away from your feet if you are lining up for a swing.
Touch: A player's sense of feel, generally around the greens.
Trajectory: The height and angle the ball travels when struck.
Turn: Midpoint of a course, the end of the ninth hole.
Tungsten: A high-density metallic compound used to add weight to a club head, either as a swingweighting material in the shaft or as a defined weight attached somewhere in/on the head.
Two-Piece : Type of ball characterized by a center core surrounded by a cover, usually made of a durable material.


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