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Golfing Terminology brought to you by The Golf Club

Golfing Terminology starting with "O"

Off-Green Putting: When a player elects to putt from off the green rather than chip.
Open face
: Caused when the clubface strikes the ball at an open angle, sending the ball away from the player’s feet for right-handed players, off to the right.
Open Grip
: Also referred to as a weak grip, it is when the hands are turned counter-clockwise on the club.
Open stance
: when a player sets up with their front foot to the inside of the target line.
Open-to-Closed: A description of the movement of the clubface when a player fans it open on the backswing and then closes it at impact.
Outward nine: refers to the first nine holes, so named as links golf courses were set up where the first nine holes went "out" away from the clubhouse.
Out-of-bounds: the area designated as being outside the boundaries of the course. When a shot lands "O.B.", the player "loses stroke and distance," meaning that he/she must hit another shot from the original spot and is assessed a one-stroke penalty. Out-of-bounds areas are usually indicated by white posts.
Obstruction: Any artificial object or structure on the course, with the exception of fences, walls, and paths. (also termed “Obstacle”)
Outside-to-In: A description of a swing path when the clubhead approaches the ball from outside the target line and then continues to the inside of that line following impact.
Overswing: When a player attempts to gain more distance or overcome external factors by swinging “extra” hard on a given stroke, for example, swinging into the wind. Normally, overswing gives you less control and results in poor shots. In the case above, it is better to take a longer club and swing less strongly into the wind, minimizing its effect on your shot and helping you to maximize your control.
Overclub: To pick the wrong club, usually for an approach shot, causing the ball to go over the green.


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