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Golfing Terminology brought to you by The Golf Club

Golfing Terminology starting with "L"

Lag: a long putt designed to simply get the ball close to the hole. Or, in the downswing, how far the clubhead "lags" behind the hands prior to release.
Lay Off: When the swing plane flattens out at the top of the back swing, it causes the club to point to the side of the target and the face to close.
Lay-up: to hit a conservative shot intentionally short of a hazard to maximize your position for the next shot.
Leading Edge: The forward most point of the club face.
Level-Par: A term describing a score of even par.
Lie: the ground that the ball is resting on. "Good lies" include the fairway and the green, while bunkers, pine straw, and the rough are examples of "bad lies". Also, the angle between the center of the shaft and the sole. Incorrect "lie angle" calibration will result in toe-first or heel-first contact with the ground when swinging the club.
Lights-Out: A slang term describing an outstanding round or stretch of holes.
Line: the expected path of the ball to the hole, particularly on putts. "Stepping in a player's line" on the green is considered a major golf faux pas.
Line of putt: The intended path of the ball when it is struck on the green.
Links: a course next to the ocean, usually devoid of trees and therefore windy. Many courses in the United Kingdom are links.
Lob: A high shot played with a wedge club intended to land softly with backspin.
Loft: the angle between a vertical plane (usually the plane of the club's shaft) and the clubface.
Long Iron: Refers to an iron that will send the ball further in distance towards the hole. For example, a three-iron would be “long,” and a seven-iron would be longer than an eight.
Looking Up: The act of prematurely lifting your head to follow the flight of the ball, which also raises the swing center and can result in erratic ballstriking.
Loop: The shape of the swing when the backswing and forward swing are in different planes. (Jim Furyk has a distinct loop in his swing but his swing is very effective). Loop also refers to a round of golf.
Loosened Grip: Any time a player opens his fingers and loses control of the club. When this happens at the top of the backswing, it is often referred to as "playing the flute."


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