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Golfing Terminology brought to you by The Golf Club

Golfing Terminology starting with "I"

Interlocking grip: grip style where (for right-handed players) the pinkie finger of the right hand is hooked around the index finger of the left. Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods use the interlocking grip.
Inward nine: the back nine holes, so named because older links courses were designed to come back "in" toward the clubhouse after going out on the front nine.
Impact: The point of your swing at which your club has reached maximum velocity and you strike the ball, sending it soaring across the fairway toward the green; at least we all hope this is the case.
Impediments: Natural objects lying on the course, such as leaves, sticks, twigs, and pine cones, are referred to as “loose impediments,” and if not growing or embedded in the ground can be moved. If there is any doubt, do not remove such obstructions. These are different from “loose obstructions” (unnatural artifacts,such as bunker rakes, moveable trash cans, etc.), which can be moved without fault. While you can remove these items, take great care as if moving them causes your ball to move, you can be faulted a one-stroke penalty while on the fairway. On the green, the rules allow you to move the impediments even if they move your ball, without penalty, so long as you replace your ball in its original spot immediately.
In: When a ball is in play within the legal boundaries of the course, as opposed to “out.” Also the last nine holes of an 18-hole course.
Inside-to-Out: A swing path in which the clubhead approaches the ball from inside the target line and, after contact, continues to the outside of the target line before turning back to the inside of the target line.
Intended Line of Flight: The direction a player plans for his ball to begin after impact.
Iron: Club used for long and middle-distance shots, opposed to the “woods” used for driving.
Inside-to-In A description of the swing path that, all things being equal, will produce the greatest percentage of solid, straight and on-target shots. It refers to a path in which the clubhead travels from inside the target line, to impact, and then back inside the target line.


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