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Golfing Terminology brought to you by The Golf Club

Golfing Terminology starting with "H"

Hack: A bloke who has limited ability and generally a swing like a dying octopus.
Half Shot: A shot played with an abbreviated swing and reduced swing speed. This shot is often played when trying to keep the ball out of a strong wind.
Halved: in match play, a hole is halved (drawn) when both players or teams have played the same number of strokes. In some team events, such as the Ryder Cup (though not in the Presidents Cup), a match that is level after 18 holes is not continued, and is called "halved", with each team receiving half a point.
Handicap: A technique for allowing golfers of differing abilities to play one another on equal terms. A player’s handicap is determined in relation to the Standard Scratch Score (determined by the difficulty, length, and par of individual courses). For example, a golfer with a handicap of 12 will, on average, complete the course with a score of twelve over the Standard Scratch Score (SSS). A player with a five handicap, will complete the course five strokes over the SSS. The lower the number, the better the player. A golfer with a zero handicap is a “scratch” golfer, and playing better than scratch is a “plus-handicap.”
Hardpan: a lie consisting of very hard turf.
Hazard: physical aspects of the course such as sand or water traps, hills, and bunkers that impede play and add strokes.
Head: The club head, the part that attaches to the club shaft and is responsible for the weight ofthe club.
Heel: The part of the club head that is closest to the shaft, and your feet if you are lining up for a swing.
High Side: The side of the hole that a putt breaks from.
Hitter: A player who favors a forceful, aggressive style of swing.
Hole In One (or ace): holing out the tee shot.
Hole: Also called the cup or the pin, the hole is the ultimate goal of every shot.
Hooding: The act of placing the hands ahead of the ball, both at address and impact, which tends to reduce the effective loft of the club.
Hook: a poor shot that, for a right-handed golfer, curves sharply to the left (may occasionally be played intentionally but is difficult to control).
Hosel: the crooked area where the clubhead connects to the shaft. Hitting the ball off the hosel is known as a "shank".
Hybrid: Generic term given to any club designed from characteristics of a wood and an iron. The TaylorMade Rescue clubs popularized this type of club also known as an "Iron/Wood."


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