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Golfing Terminology brought to you by The Golf Club

Golfing Terminology starting with "G"

Gimme: is a shot that the other players agree can count automatically without actually being played (under the tacit assumption that the putt would not have been missed). "Gimmes" are not allowed by the rules in stroke play, but this is often practiced in casual matches. However, in match play, either player may formally concede a stroke, a hole, or the entire match at any time, and this may not be refused or withdrawn. A player in match play will generally concede a tap-in or other short putt by his or her opponent.
Goldie Bounce: when the ball strikes a tree deep in the rough and bounces out onto the fairway.
Grain: The direction in which the grass in growing, determined by sunlight, wind, and water. Grain can strongly affect your ball’s direction when putting.
Grand Slam: The Modern (or Professional) Grand Slam describes winning the four professional Major Championships -- the PGA Championship, the Masters and the United States and British Opens -- in a calendar year.
Grass: The normal surface of a course on which golf is played. Grasses are cut to specific lengths depending on their location within the course, and several different types of grass are commonly used on golf courses.
Green or putting green: the area of specially prepared grass around the hole, where putts are played
Greenkeeper: An older, outdated term for the course superintendent.
Greensomes: In greensomes teams of 2 players compete against each other; greensomes is a variation of foursomes. Players alternate hitting the same ball on every hole; however, both players tee off on every hole, with each team selecting the best tee shot on that hole. The first player becomes the player on that hole with the chosen tee shot and the second player hits the second shot i.e. the first player’s ball from its position after the tee shot. The first player then hits the third shot, and so on until the chosen ball is holed. The team with the lowest score wins the hole.
Green in regulation (GIR): a green is considered hit "in regulation" if any part of the ball is touching the putting surface and the number of strokes taken is 2 or less than par, i.e. with the first stroke on a par-3 hole, second stroke on a par-4, etc. Greens in Regulation percentage is a statistic kept by the PGA Tour.
Grip: The position of your hands on the club. Common grips are the overlapping grip and the interlocking grip.
Gripping Down: Placing one’s grip lower on the shaft of the club to control the distance of the ball. Also known as choking up on the club.
Groove (equipment): The horizontal scoring lines on the face of the club that help impart spin on the ball.
Grounding the club: to place the clubface behind the ball on the ground at address. Grounding the club is prohibited in bunkers or when playing from any marked hazard.
Ground Under Repair (GUR): An area of the golf course that is being repaired. A free drop is allowed if the ball lands in an area marked "GUR"


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