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Golfing Terminology brought to you by The Golf Club

Golfing Terminology starting with "B"

Back nine: Holes 10 through 18 on a golf course.
Backscrew: Steel pin or screw used to help secure a steel shaft to a wooden wood head. The backscrew is located on the back of the heel approximately 3/4" from the sole of the club.
Backswing: The motion that involves the club and every element of the body in taking the club away from the ball and setting it in position at the top of the backswing from which the club can be delivered to the ball at impact.
Backspin: Striking the ball with a sloped clubface, a wedge for instance, with a downward motion that catches the rim of the ball along the ridges within the clubface, causing the ball to spin backward as is its lifted into the air. Backspin causes a ball to travel less far in the air, and to stop more quickly once it strikes the ground. Also called bite or action.
Balance: The proper distribution of weight both at address and throughout the swing.
Balata :A rubber-like substance used as a cover material for golf balls. Pure balata is rarely, if ever, used today. Instead, manufacturers use blends or synthetic material. Many players prefer balata or balata-like covers because it provides a softer feel. And can provide increased spin.
Ball: A small sphere used in playing golf, which is intended to be struck by a club and soar in the general direction of the green for a particular hole, if one is playing on a regulation golf course. The important thing is to be able to identify your ball and distinguish it from the balls used by other players. Normally this is done by noting the brand and number of a ball, though some players will often add personalized markings to further differentiate their own sphere of choice.
Ball Size: The size of a USGA conforming ball must not be smaller than 1.680" (42.67mm.)
Ball Weight: The weight of a USGA conforming ball must not be greater than 1.620 ounces
Ball-marker: any small object used to indicate where a player's ball is on the green. Coins are common ball-markers.
Banana-ball: an extreme slice.
Bare Lie: When your ball is almost completely visible and free from interference from the grass or other surface. Also often the case when practicing at home with mats and practice tees, as the ball is always slightly elevated and free.
Barkie: achieving a score of par or better on a hole after the ball hits a tree on the same hole.
Baseball grip: grip style with all ten fingers on the club. Also known as the "Ten-Finger Grip".
Best ball: game for two teams of two players, in which each player plays all of their shots, and the low score on each side counts as the team's score for the hole.
BIGGA: The British & International Golf Greenkeepers Association is the professional association dealing with all matters of golf management from a greenkeeper's viewpoint.
Birdie: a hole played one stroke under par.
Bite: heavy backspin applied to a ball that causes it to stop quickly instead of rolling when it lands.
Blade: term used to describe the type of iron made by forging the metal rather than from a cast mold. Also, describes a shot struck "thinly" with an iron in the middle of the golf ball.
Blind: A shot that does not allow the golfer to see where the ball will land, such as onto an elevated green from below.
Block: a shot played severely to the right; as opposed to slices, which curve from left to right, a blocked shot goes directly right.
Bobbing :The act of raising and lowering (or lowering and raising) the swing center in the course of the swing. (Because of an inconsistent knee flex in her swing, her bobbing led to inconsistent ball striking).
Bogey: a hole played one stroke over par.
Borrow: The amount of break a player allows for when hitting a breaking putt.
Bowed: The position of the wrists at the top of the backswing in which the top wrist is bent slightly inward.
Bounce: technically, the measure of the angle from the front edge of a club's sole to the point that rests on the ground when addressing the ball. Clubs (usually wedges) with a higher bounce angle will resist digging into the turf.
Break: the amount of lateral slope one must account for on a putt. In the United Kingdom, it is known as "borrow".
Bump and run: a low-trajectory shot that is intended to get the ball rolling along the fairway and up onto the green. Similar to a chip shot, but played from a greater distance.
Bunker Fairway: Hazard of bare earth or sand usually in a recessed depression. Grass and wooden walls or banks are not part of the hazard.
Butt (Shaft Butt): The large end of the shaft onto which the grip is installed.


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